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Update By: The Joesen One

Last month, Brad Delson, Linkin Park's guitarist, had an interview with Rolling Stone magazine about the band's upcoming Concert for the Philippines, where he talked about how the show came together, what made them choose The Offspring as co-performers and what other bands also contributed to the band's charity, Music for Relief. Additionally, Brad talked about their upcoming festival tours, including the UK's 2014 Download Festival, where they will perform the entire Hybrid Theory, and details on the band's sixth studio album.

In the interview, Brad explained that 100% of all proceeds will be given to Music for Relief's partner, International Medical Core, which he describes as "the best first responders". He also revealed that they also contacted other bands for the lineup, who were unable to attend for different reasons, such as tour schedules. The Offspring, who Linkin Park has shared festival bills with, was the first band to be announced to join the concert, and Brad talked about why they were chosen:
"When you see their show it’s incredible the depth of their catalog. They’re one of the few bands where when they play a show you truly know every song they play."
He also confirmed that Thirty Seconds to Mars, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, and Rick Rubin, who co-produced Minutes to Midnight, A Thousand Suns, and Living Things, have contributed donations to Music for Relief.

Linkin Park will play several festival shows in 2014, among them the 2014 Rock Am Ring in Germany with Metallica, Kings of Leon and Iron Maiden, and the 2014 Download Festival in the UK, where they will perform the entire Hybrid Theory album and co-headline with Fall Out Boy. When asked if these festival dates signify that the new album will be done by then, Brad gave details on the follow-up to Living Things.
"We’re in the studio almost every day working on our album for next year, so it’s a very fun time for us and very creative. It’ll be out when it’s ready, we’re working very hard toward that end and it’s been a really fun process so far. Right now we’re still in the early phases of everything so everything’s really nebulous, we’re just trying to capture an initial inspiration and see where it leads us."
You can read the full interview here. Here to an awesome LP-filled 2014! Happy new year guys!

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Update By: The Joesen One

Linkin Park, together with their charity Music for Relief, will hold the Concert for the Philippines on January 11, 2014 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. The concert's proceeds will immediately go to relief for our fellow countrymen affected by Typhoon Yolanda. They will be joined by bands The Offspring and Bad Religion, alongside other special guests to be announced. This is how to acquire tickets:

An extremely limited quantity of 500 tickets to this event are available to fans who donate or raise a minimum of $250 for Music for Relief’s Typhoon Relief effort at The first 300 people who reach the $250 goal are guaranteed general admission pit tickets closest to the stage. The top 75 fundraisers overall will get special perks like meet & greets with the bands, VIP reserved seating, VIP pre-party, parking, commemorative merchandise items and more.
As an incentive to those outside the LA area, fans have the opportunity to donate a minimum of $10 to win one of two special VIP tickets packages including airfare and hotel.
Here is a video of Phoenix and Brad encouraging their fans to donate for the victims of Yolanda.


Update By: PinoySoldier

In gratitude for those who are supporting LPPH through thick and thin.. and something to welcome 2014 with.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Update By: PinoySoldier

Linkin Park Recharge players have unlocked the new single of Linkin Park with Steve Aoki "A Light That Never Comes." It was released today with an awesome lyric video. Watch here:


Update By: PinoySoldier

LP RECHARGE is officially out. Starting today you can play the game and work together to unlock our new single with Steve Aoki, A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES. Once the song is unlocked you can stream it for free on Xbox Music.
Play LP Recharge here:

A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES will be on the upcoming album, RECHARGED, a collection of interpretations of songs from LIVING THINGS.

RECHARGED will be released October 29th on CD, VINYL, and DIGITAL.
A limited-edition version of the album will also be available and feature an interactive 3D sculpture based on LIVING THINGS album artwork. In addition, a 48 page art booklet, both LIVING THINGS and RECHARGED albums, and a magnetic stylus that allows you to interact with the liquid solution in the 3D sculpture to create unique patterns and designs will be included.

Pre-orders for RECHARGED are set to begin on Monday September 16th on LINKINPARK.COM , while digital and iTunes pre-orders will begin once the new single is unlocked through #LPRecharge

“I think this song and release show where we’re at right now. Making the song with Steve, premiering it through the Recharge Facebook game, and debuting it via Microsoft’s Xbox Music—I think it’s all indicative of our band’s commitment to experimentation and pushing boundaries.”
- Mike


Update By: PinoySoldier

After the undeniable success of Linkin Park's 2012 album Living Things in global market, the band will be release a remix album composing of remixes by DJ's to feature different interpretations of the tracks of Living Things.

In the band's Facebook page, Mike Shinoda posted:

After Reanimation I told many people I would never put together another album of remixes...but as I began to hear all the amazing reinterpretations of LIVING THINGS, I had to change my mind. The result, RECHARGED, is definitely worth it. I can’t wait for you guys to hear this amazing project, with contributions by Pusha TDATSIKKillSonikBun B, Money Mark, and others. Our new song with Steve Aoki, A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES is on the album as well, plus a special remix of the new song by the inimitable Rick Rubin.

Enjoy the music,

- Mike

RECHARGED track list:

1 A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (Linkin Park x Steve Aoki)
2 CASTLE OF GLASS (M. Shinoda Remix)
3 LOST IN THE ECHO (KillSonik Remix)
4 VICTIMIZED (M. Shinoda Remix)
5 I'LL BE GONE (Vice Remix feat. Pusha T)
6 LIES GREED MISERY (Dirtyphonics Remix)
7 ROADS UNTRAVELED (Rad Omen Remix feat. Bun B )
8 POWERLESS (Enferno Remix)
9 BURN IT DOWN (Tom Swoon Remix)
10 UNTIL IT BREAKS (Datsik Remix)
11 SKIN TO BONE (Nick Catchdubs Remix feat. Cody B. Ware and Ryu)
12 I'LL BE GONE (Schoolboy Remix)
13 UNTIL IT BREAKS (Money Mark Headphone Remix)
14 A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (Rick Rubin Reboot)
15 BURN IT DOWN (Paul Van Dyk Remix) *

* Available as a bonus track only on orders made through http://LINKINPARK.COM/ (pre order begins September 16th).

Friday, August 16, 2013


Update By: PinoySoldier

PASAY CITY, Philippines - American band Linkin Park performed at the Mall of Asia Arena for a one-night gig as part of the Asian leg of their Living Things World Tour. Immediately after their headline show at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo, the band visited the Philippines for the second time since 2009 to perform their greatest hits across their entire career for their Filipino fans who patiently waited for almost a decade.

Note: Forgive me if this is a write-up using my point-of-view. It may include personal insights and experiences during the concert last Tuesday. I hope that through these accounts, you'll be able to relive Linkin Park's gig which is surely hard to forget.

Mall of Asia Main Mall, Astroplus (9:15 AM) - Meet-up with the members of Linkin Park Philippines. It was a fun experience finally sing them in person, those people I've seen and interacted with only in Facebook. Unfamiliar faces were also there. One of them even bought 4 boxes of doughnuts for everybody to share.

Me and my buddy also bought two of the few remaining copies of Living Things +.

Mall of Asia Chowking (12:30 NN) - We agreed to take our lunch in Chowking, those who were with us early. We ordered in group, but we ate in a long table combined to accommodate us all. We chatted and shared out excitement.

Mall of Asia, Seaside Boulevard (1:30 PM, MNL time) - Members of Linkin Park Philippines and other interested participants joined the human logo formation activity organized by the street team. A photographer and a writer from Gala Magazine were also present to cover the said activity. A write-up about it will be featured in their September release. At first we were trying to form the Minutes to Midnight logo of Linkin Park but it doesn't look good in a mid-air shot due to the lack of participants. So we shifted to the LP letter formation to give way for a better shot.

 Mall of Asia Arena (7:30 PM) - Selected LPU members lined-up for meet & greet! We were let inside the arena together with the other LPU members who entered the venue ahead of all regular ticket holders. Just before Urbandub's first set, we were let in inside a long vacated room and line-up against a wall with a huge black-cloth background. M&G head gave us some do's and don't's during the session and were left there hanging for a while, talking, taking pictures, sharing excitements. And then, there was a commotion! I saw Joe Hahn! GEEZ, can't even express how I felt that time. Then one-by-one the other members of the band entered the room and started talking to some of us. We lined-up once again after the group picture and the band members walked around the room to sign our items. The chills while they were doing that! I have to choose between talking to them, taking photos and having my Living Things CD signed. It was hard to react to everything all at once when you're facing the people whom you dreamed of meeting face-to-face. To cut it short, the m&g session ended quickly and we were brought back to the venue for the show.

Mall of Asia Arena (8:15 PM) - By the time we were let out of the m&g room, Urbandub have already started their set. The VIP standing area is almost full but we were still able to dig forward to the front where our friends are. Good thing they really did save a space for us m&g goers. That time the band was performing "The Fighting Is Over", one of their hits, followed by three more new songs. Thanking the manila crowd, Urbandub wrapped up their set and the audience started going louder and louder in anticipation for Linkin Park.

Mall of Asia Arena (Around 9:00 PM) - It's showtime! The lights giving life to the arena went-off expect for the gigantic led screen on stage. Joe Hahn was the first one to appear on stage followed by Rob Bourdon on the drums. The crowd went really wild as the band played the intro of the to-be-expected opener.

A PLACE FOR MY HEAD - Linkin Park is using this track as an opener since their first show for the Asia leg so we already expected this. An extended intro was played with the electrifying riffs of Brad Delson with Bourdon's alternate beating on the toms. The crowd bounced up and down and rioted when frontman Mike and Chester went out to kick off the show.

PAPERCUT - Just when Bourdon started with his familiar stepping on the bass, the crowd already knew it was papercut. Being one of their greatest hits from Hybrid Theory almost the entire arena sang even with Shinoda's creative rapping.

GIVEN UP - Since it's live debut, fans know it is Given Up when they hear the "clapping" sound that starts the track. Another well-known part from this track that we really anticipated was Bennington's long screaming in the bridge part. The lighting effects of the stage danced along with the song, matching every scream of the lead vocalist, making the performance more catchy and effective.

NEW DIVIDE - By this time, me and my concert buddy were guessing what will be the next song. Without reviewing the previous setlist in Japan, I knew it was New Divide after hearing its first techno key. The powerful chorus was like a command telling us to jump, especially those who followed the band's team-up with the Transformers franchise. It was an epic performance.

WITH YOU - Personally, this is my favorite track to be played live. Upon hearing Hahn's scratching, I know it's With You. Shinda did well with the rapping parts, and when it's Bennington's turn, he would often point his mic towards us to sing along.

SOMEWHERE I BELONG - This famous track was played with a different extended intro. Avid fans would know it's SIB but others had to wait for Delson's entrance note for them to start jumping along. Being true to their promise, the band was playing their old hits!

LIES GREED MISERY - Continuing with our guessing game, I guessed it right again for LGM when one of the crews brought on stage a square pad for Delson. This is my favorite song off of Living Things, but old fans, as I have observed that time, cannot catch up with Shinoda's rapping parts for this track.

POINTS OF AUTHORITY - No doubt, one of the crowd's most favorite. Anther hit from their debut album. Everybody knows how to sing along with this track. I enjoyed bouncing up and down during the in-your-face chorus,

WAITING FOR THE END - We've been waiting for this track. It was introduced, as expected, with Shinoda's verse from the track Until It Breaks. Followers of Living Things rapped along while A Thousand Fans sang their hearts out with Bennington's catchy melody for this track, The led screen projected the flamboyant music video of the single, making the performance more powerful to the audience.

BREAKING THE HABIT - Another old hit! I can't express how splendid it was to hear it live. Of course, it's similar with the studio version, but the live performance streamed a powerful force energizing us to punch the air and bounce along. It was around this track if I remember right when Chester noted us to be "the best crowd in the tour so far."

CASTLE OF GLASS - I guessed it right once again when Delson wore his acoustic guitar. The screen flashed the performance with a broken glass effect. One of the best singles off Living Things! It is a very unforgettable moment hearing COG live.

MEDLEY - Shinoda sat in front of his keyboards and lights went off. This is it, my most anticipated part of the show. This strategy of combining LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST, SHADOW OF THE DAY, and IRIDESCENT was introduced, if I'm not mistaken, during their concert at Home Depot. The blending and the transition is just perfect! With Bourdon hitting the toms with might, matching the slow melody of the multi-track medley. What happened was that the crowd, especially those who were at the upper and lower box areas unexpectedly turned on their mobile flash lights in unison, turning the arena into a universe-like stadium filled with stars. This will be very hard to forget, an experience.

LOST IN THE ECHO - The familiar sound of Linkin park's newly introduced opener for LITE played and we knew at once that this was it. The inverted triangle logo flashed in the screen backed us up and the catchy intro of LITE played. Living Thing's opener was played well that night! Bourdon's pattern was done well, with Delson, Phoenix, and Shinoda's riffs blending perfectly with the choruses.

NUMB - I believe that the crowd contains people who are not solid LP fans. With this track, however, one cannot deny that he knows this song well. It was a huge hit in the Philippines, and old and new fans joined forces with might to sing along in this track. It was magical to hear these hits live.

WHAT I'VE DONE - Guessing game! I knew it was WID when Shinoda went back to his keyboard still with his guitar on. The familiar notes of WID was followed by the powerful chords of Shinoda and Delson with Bourdon hitting the crash with might. Transformers fans know this song well. Another reason to bounce up and down without realizing the tiredness and the thirst.

BURN IT DOWN - Insta-hit from Living Things being it's first released single! No doubt, its introductory synths made us screaming with joy as the track was being played.

IN THE END - The track that seldom fail to make it to the setlist is this mega-hit song where fans anticipate Shinoda's crowd surfing during the bridge part. I remembered well he was looking at us, seeing if he'd choose our section. I was waving to signal him to go down to us, but sadly, he ran forward to the conjunction point tat divides the two VIP sections near the Gold standing area. LUCKY FANS!

BLEED IT OUT - This track was known to be LP's closing track, so I was not surprised when they played this to end the part of the show before the encore. When the song ended, the band went back stage and fans screamed tirelessly for more. Never failing their fans, they went back on stage for the encore.

FAINT - I guessed it wrong when TINFOIL filled the arena. I know it was stupid to think it was POWERLESS, I forgot that the band uses this intro track to start off FAINT. Imitating the crowd in the music video of faint, we shaked the Manila stage as this face-paced song was being performed. AND THEN, a surprise happened. Bond paper sheets with the statement "PLEASE COME BACK SOON" were distributed at the standing area. It was originally my plan, and my friend Al sponsored the production of the flyers. Before entering the arena he informed me that they were confiscated by the guard upon entrance, that's why i was stunned when it happened. We jumped along the track, raising our flyers passionately, meaning what's stated there from our deepest. 9 years is definitely a very long wait, and to think of what's to be after that night's show is inevitable.

LYING FROM YOU - It was a surprise that this track was added for the manila show.We were still raising our flyers during this track, knowing that the show is coming to its end. Beginning the performance, Shinoda wowed us with the statement "We'll try to come back really soon."

ONE STEP CLOSER - The closing track. It was very emotional. Some of the audience already threw their flyers up in the air, but some remained raising it with high emotions. It was indeed a great night with Linkin Park, a night to remember.

The Living Things World Tour lived up to its meaning. I've never felt more alive than ever before. I was singing my heart out with my eyes closed, imagining all the waiting we've done before the show was announced. I intentionally turned off my mobile and avoid taking pictures/videos. I know a lot are were doing that and I expect photos from them after the show. I enjoyed the gig without spending the time taking photos and aiming for good shots. It's a hindrance to enjoy the show, and so, I succeeded. I did enjoyed it.

The show ended and we were all tired and thirsty. The feeling of angst still remained as we look for other friends inside the arena. The opportunity also let us to take more photos with friends and the stage set too. It was indeed a show to remember.

Note: Photos are not mine, they were either taken from the internet or shared by close friends.

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Update By: PinoySoldier

Linkin Park Philippines, the no. 1 street team of Linkin Park in the Philippines, is ready to witness one of the country's biggest rock concert event this year! Linkin Park Live in Manila will be on August 13, 8PM at the Mall of Asia Arena.

An early meet-up/assembly is being organized by the street team's personnel. It will be at 10am in front of Astroplus MOA. Details here: